ELECTRA-STROKE study final inclusion

ELECTRA-STROKE study final inclusion

October 7, 2022 News 0

The final and 389th ambulance inclusion the ELECTA-STROKE study was completed in September 2022, a major milestone for TrianecT and the Amsterdam UMC. We are looking forward to the first results from our ambulance study!

To celebrate the final inclusion and the incorporation of TrianecT, we were featured in a Amsterdam UMC news update (in Dutch) on EEG in the ambulance: https://www.amsterdamumc.org/nl/vandaag/door-de-slimme-badmuts-worden-mensen-met-een-beroerte-direct-naar-het-juiste-ziekenhuis-gebracht..htm. Also our co-founder Wouter Potters was featured in (Dutch) video explaining why prehospital triage is so important.

Dutch video on prehospital stroke triage and our research prototypes

We were also interviewed by one of the big national newspapers (AD) to explain about prehospital stroke triage: https://www.ad.nl/gezond/badmuts-helpt-in-de-ambulance-groot-herseninfarct-op-te-sporen-patient-krijgt-sneller-juiste-zorg~a2fa4e47/ (login required). AD also created an excellent video (in Dutch) showcasing how our EEG prototypes are used in the ambulance: https://www.ad.nl/video/productie/deze-badmuts-spoort-een-herseninfarct-op-in-de-ambulance-332347.