Getting stroke patients
to the right hospital
for the right treatment
as fast as possible

StrokePointer is the next revolution in pre-hospital stroke care







The problem

Each year, 10 million severe stroke patients are picked up by ambulances around the world. Half of these stroke patients that can be treated with endovascular treatment, but are brought to hospitals that do not have endovascular treatment. This results in an average delay of endovascular treatment of 90 minutes, which leads to seriously worsened disease outcomes and a larger burden on society.

Our solution

With StrokePointer from trianect, we combine brain activity measurement and artificial intelligence to detect these treatable stroke patients in the ambulance and bring them directly to their best treatment. This saves time and time = brain.

Our Team



Dr. Wouter Potters

CEO, Co-founder


Dr. Jonathan Coutinho



Dr. Henk Marquering



Ruben Boyd

Business Developer IXA



Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award


First prototype


First clinical trial results

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